Business Details

Major Processes Prior to Shipment

The printing line runs 24-hours a day. The operators work under a two-shift regime to ensure that the line provides totally satisfactory levels of productivity and quality.

Data checking

Final checking of the DTP files used for printing. Any corrections are made at this point. If any large-scale changes are introduced here, there's no need to worry as they can quickly be dealt with by the Editing division at the Modern Corp. Group company in Tokyo.

Printing plates

Printing plates (PS plates) are produced in a CTP process where the data is output directly to the plate without using film as an intermediary. However, we also support conventional (FTP) processes using existing film.


In the Printing division, new printers were installed in 2015. With the right equipment and tried-and-tested techniques, we can assure quality that is just as good as Japan.

Folding & binding

Two lines operate, one for saddle-stitching and the other for perfect binding. The mechanism uses sensors to detect problems such as collating errors. We can also cater to requests for folds such as small folds, gate folds and accordion folds. Don't hesitate to contact us with your complex folding requirements.


In the Quality Control department, all inspections are conducted by experienced inspectors. They keep in close touch with the printing and binding departments to ensure high-quality inspections. Some products have different packaging requirements, but we are flexible enough to deal with any situation.


After the final inspection is completed, products are briefly stored in our warehouse. Detailed and concise shipment management ensures that deliveries are timely.


Shipments within Malaysia or to neighboring Thailand and Singapore can be made by land. Products for export can either be sent by ship at low cost (around 4 weeks including customs clearance) or by air for fast deliveries (around 4-5 days for delivery to Japan).